Membership Information for the Campfire Collective

Now is the time to join (or renew your membership in) the Campfire Collective. This organization is working hard to support our member sites. It is forging relationships, offering programs, and providing resources that assist you in your ministry. Now is the time for you to stand with those who support our camps and conference ministries.

Why should I join the Collective?

The Campfire Collective's main source of funding is through the annual member dues contributed by individuals and by sites. Memberships are not tied to the calendar year. Your membership is good for one year (or two years) beyond the date you join. Take a look at the services provided by the Campfire Collective and be sure to check out the member benefits it provides. Due to the special discounts you receive with membership, you could easily save more money than you pay in dues.

Which denominations can be a part of the Collective?

Just like our member sites, we believe that our association has an ecumenical future. By working together with our sisters and brothers in Christ, our members are able to do so much more. The Campfire Collective is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association and the Outdoor Ministries Institute (serving the camps of the United Church of Canada), but the association currently includes camps, retreat centers, and conference centers from seven denominations. We would love to partner with camps and retreat centers from even more faith traditions. We hope you will look at the benefits of membership and consider becoming a part of the Campfire Collective.

What benefits are received by members of the Campfire Collective?
  • Programs like the Annual Conference, Program Connection, Maintenance Connection, Sustainable Pathways (offered in cooperation with the Outdoor Ministries Connection), Compass Points Certificate Program (offered in cooperation the United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, Outdoor Ministries Association of the United Church of Christ, Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers, and Columbia Theological Seminary), and the Focus Event (offered in cooperation with the Outdoor Ministries Association of the United Church of Christ and United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries)
  • Access to our new library of resources related to program, facilities, administration, etc. - it is called CampSource
  • Listings on three searchable online directories - for potential retreat groups, for potential summer program participants, and for potential summer staff applicants.
  • A listing on the Support Camps website for potential donors
  • The Branches Online eNewsletter, which is distributed monthly, includes articles on trends, program ideas, and other areas of interest to camps and conference centers.
  • A page on this website where camp and conference ministries can post year-round positions (part or full-time)
  • The association also offers special members-only pricing on products used by our camp and conference ministries. These discounts and value-added deals are only available to organizational members. Here is the list of companies and organizations that provided benefits/discounts offered to 2024 Campfire Collective members.
  • A 15% discount on your annual dues with the American Camp Association (45% if this is your first year of accreditation)
  • Connection to a support network of camp and conference professionals from across the United States and Canada
  • Organizational member sites can use the Campfire Collective membership logo on their brochures and website
  • Voice and vote at all association meetings
  • Eligibility for election to the association's Board of Directors
  • Comfort in knowing that you support the greater ministry of camps and conference centers

Please go to the Membership Plans page to learn more about the different membership levels and how to join the association.