Retreat Resources

PCCCA/Campfire Collective and the Presbyterian Mission Agency have partnered together to produce free curriculum resources for three different retreats. These were written for leaders who might utilize our PCCCA/Campfire Collective member sites for such programs. The retreat modules are designed to be utilized in a variety of settings and retreat durations. The task force who laid the groundwork for the modules and helped guide the writers were Molly DeWitt (Pyoca), Colleen Earp (Massanetta Springs), Mandy Goff (Cedarkirk), Emily Hughes, and Joel Winchip. John Reiter did the design/layout and Tammy Winchip was the editor.

Confirmation Retreat (written by Mark Hinds)

Makers Retreat (written by Meghan Adrian)

Intergenerational Retreat (written by Sandy Safford).