What Is PCCCA?

Since 1964, staff and volunteers from our camps and conference centers have gathered for fellowship, education, and the mutual support of their ministries. While PCCCA (pronounced "P - triple C - A") started as a ministry to the camps and conference centers of the Presbyterian Church (USA), it has since grown to serve sites from seven different denominations (we call ourselves the Campfire Collective). The association is a close-knit group that brings together people who support and represent our camps and conference ministries in the United States and Canada. PCCCA's programs and fellowship allow these individuals to hone their skills and to bring knowledge and resources back to their ministries. Many of our members find the association to be like a family since it serves as an incredible source of professional and personal support.

The mission of PCCCA is to equip leaders for vibrant and sustainable ministries. It seeks to provide a common voice and shared vision for camp and conference ministry. The association offers many educational and connectional events each year. PCCCA also provides listings on search engine directories, email newsletters, representation on committees, an online library of resources, job listings, special discounts on products/services, and a network of collegial support.

The organization is open to all persons who value camp and conference ministry. You may be a full-time camp and conference professional, a board/committee member, a summer staff person, a retired camp and conference professional, a volunteer, a student, or just an interested person. You are invited to join PCCCA!

You can learn more about PCCCA by checking out the different parts of this website. If you think you might want to be a part of the association, please check out the Membership Page.